Diamond cutting is used for building openings and expansions in concrete and brick walls.

The work related to cutting openings in apartments and rooms shall include such reinforcing metal structures. Reinforcements are needed to compensate for the loss of the wall's strength properties, following the dismantling of a part of it (creation of the opening).

During diamond cutting, the disc is cooled with water. A water collector with a universal vacuum cleaner is used to avoid leakage.

The absence of dynamic impact effects allows the use of this technology in residential homes, which are in the reconstruction and repair phase, as well as in already renovated residential apartments.

Cutting of openings in the size of 1 m x 2 m takes an average of 3 hours. The opening is cut into pieces approximately 50 cm x 50 cm and the waste is disposed of at the request of the commissioning party. All reinforcements must be part of a replanning project and must be consistent.

According to the existing provisions, the project must include a calculation of metal structures, a reinforcement scheme and a metal classification, and a list of work related to the creation of the opening.

In most cases, reinforcement of the opening is made by consolidating metal structures (U beams or corners – angular iron) with the components for the monolithic reinforcement.

Thanks to the implementation of diamond cutting, the edges of the opening are perfectly flat, which greatly simplifies the installation of the amplifiers (as opposed to low-quality work carried out with the help of a hammer).


For a standard wall thickness of 16 cm, in most cases the reinforcement is carried out with a 16 or 18 gauge U-profile beam. 16 Size U beam – the amplifier will leveled flush with the wall.

Metal plates are placed under the vertical waddles, and the wriggers themselves are attached to the wall with ench screws.

Apartment Column Building Work

More sophisticated reinforcements (corners, box profile beams, double rows with tapscrews, projects, reinforcement with pre-enhancement) are made from 2 working days.

The metal is prepared for the matching size at the site.