Cutting technology with the diamond tool is the most advanced, fastest, most convenient and safest method of cutting openings into concrete, brick and stone.

These technologies allow you to cut a precise opening size practically without noise, dust or vibration.

Pven in heavily reinforced concrete, diamond cutting formed perfectly smooth columns (openings) in the specified diameter, which do not require further treatment and are ready to use.

The reduction of dynamic shock effects allows for the use of this technology in residential homes, which are in the reconstruction and repair stage, but sometimes also in already renovated habitable spaces.

Diamond cutting can be carried out both on the floors and the crosspieces (vertical), as well as on horizontal planes – walls, foundations.

The fact that diamond cutting results in no concrete dust in the work area, this dust being one of the most harmful substances to human health, makes diamond drilling the ecologically cleanest of all technologies.

This technology is virtually without any noise compared to conventional drilling with a perforator.

Wall cutting machine cut depth can range up to 520 mm from one side, but up to 1 meter from both sides!

You may cut openings into tight spaces (width up to 1 m) with a cutting machine, which would be completely impossible with traditional technologies.

Diamond Cutting Advantages:

Speed. The diamond cutting speed is unequaled with other techniques, which can be applied to create openings.

Without Vibration. Diamond cutting allows to create openings in places where a dynamic effect is not permissible.

Any Material. Diamond cutting is possible in materials of any hardness: reinforced concrete, granite, bricks, etc.

Concrete cutting work costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis and are directly dependent on the thickness of the wall or cover, and on the material in which the cut is carried out.

Types of Diamond Cutting



Concrete cutting

Concrete cutting

Wall column creation

Wall column creation

Column creation

Column creation

Concrete cutting

Concrete cutting

Horizontal opening

Horizontal opening

The main advantages of diamond cutting when compared to the "perforator method":

Dimanta urbšanas priekšrocības 1

Can form smooth and precise openings in reinforced concrete

Dimanta urbšanas priekšrocības 2

Fully no vibration

Dimanta urbšanas priekšrocības 3

Dust free

Dimanta urbšanas priekšrocības 4

Noise does not bother neighbors

Dimanta urbšanas priekšrocības 5

Resulting in exact diameter opening, which do not require further treatment

Dimanta urbšanas priekšrocības 6

The outer wall of the house near the drill exit is not damaged