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Diamond cutting technology is the most advanced, fastest, most convenient and safest way to cut concrete, brick and stone . 

These technologies allow you to drill precisely sized holes with virtually no noise, dust or vibration.

Even when sawing reinforced concrete, perfectly smooth openings (openings) with the exact required diameter are formed, which do not require further processing and can be used immediately as required.

The absence of dynamic shocks makes it possible to use this technology in residential buildings under reconstruction and repair, but sometimes also in renovated living quarters.

Diamond cutting can be done both in the floor and in the ceilings (vertical), as well as in horizontal planes - walls, foundations.

The complete absence of concrete dust during work, which is one of the most harmful substances for human health, makes diamond sawing the cleanest of all technologies. 

This technology is virtually noiseless compared to traditional punching.

The cutting depth of the wall saw can reach 520 mm on one side and up to 1 meter on both sides!

Using sawing machines, it is possible to cut openings in narrow spaces (up to 1 m wide), work that would be completely impossible with traditional technologies.

Advantages of diamond sawing:

Speed. The cutting speed of diamonds is unmatched by any other hole-making technique.

No vibration. Diamond sawing allows holes to be made where dynamic effects are not allowed.

In any material. Diamond drilling is possible in any hardness material: reinforced concrete, granite, bricks, etc.

The cost of sawing concrete is calculated on a case-by-case basis and depends directly on the thickness of the wall or slab, as well as the material in which the sawing is performed.

Types of diamond sawing



Betona zāģēšana

Concrete sawing

Sienas aiļu veidošana

Wall column creation

Aiļu veidošana

Column creation

Betona zāģēšana

Concrete cutting

Horizontālais atvērums

Horizontal opening

Diamond Cutting Work

The main advantages of diamond cutting
compared to the "perforator method":

Dimanta urbšanas priekšrocības 1

Smooth precision holes can be made in reinforced concrete

Dimanta urbšanas priekšrocības 2

Absolutely no vibration

Dimanta urbšanas priekšrocības 3

Dust free

Dimanta urbšanas priekšrocības 4

Noise does not disturb neighbors

Dimanta urbšanas priekšrocības 1

The result is holes of exact diameter that do not require further processing

Dimanta urbšanas priekšrocības 2

The outer side of the house wall at the drill exit outside - is not damaged

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