Diamond Processing Services

Diamond Drilling

Openings in walls and covering made with a diamond tool.

Diamond Cutting

Cutting collumns in concrete, brick and stone.

Pile Breaking

Pile Breaking

Felling of pile “cap”, removing reinforcement from the concrete at the assigned height.

Columns in apartment

Columns in apartment

Diamond cutting is used for building openings and expansions in concrete and brick walls.

About the company "SEVES"

We are a modern and fast-growing company that uses the capabilities of modern technology. Our company pays special importance to the quality of work.

The company's specialists guarantee the accuracy and quality of their work. This is evidenced by our stable position and 22 years of experience in the Latvian market, as well as constant cooperation with the largest construction firms. Since 2020, we offer our experience, expertise and services to the Finnish market as well!

The company SEVES provides customers with the following services: Diamond drilling, diamond cutting and pile breaking.

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Professional Team

Our team - highly motivated professionals, who work hard to meet your needs and fulfill the work for you in a timely fashion.


Experience in the Field

LTD SEVES – we have a work experience of 22 years!


Professional Equipment

We use the most modern technology in our work - we are working with diamond tools.

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