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Pile breaking

One of the directions learned by our specialists is pile sawing with the help of diamond equipment. We can currently do the following in this area:

  • cutting the pile "hat";

  • separation of the reinforcement from the concrete at the specified height.

Most common sizes:

  • 300 * 300 mm,

  • 400 * 400 mm

  • and diameters from 400 mm to 1600 mm.

Pāļu sadalīšana 2
Pāļu sadalīšana

Pile cutting works

Many builders want to save money on their work without using advanced technology and without thinking about the consequences.

Our specialists have developed a special technology for cutting piles with diamond equipment, which differs from the "grandfather" methods, which preserves the pile and does not create microcracks between metal and concrete.

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