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Columns in the apartment

Diamond cutting is used to create and widen holes in both reinforced concrete and brick walls. 

Carrying out work on cutting openings in apartments and premises requires the installation of such reinforcing metal structures. Reinforcements are needed to compensate for the loss of wall strength properties after dismantling the section (opening).

During diamond cutting, the disc is cooled with water. To prevent water from escaping, a water collector with a universal vacuum cleaner is used. 

The fact that there is no dynamic impact allows the use of this technology in residential buildings under reconstruction and repair, as well as in already renovated residential apartments. 

It takes an average of 3 hours to cut an opening of 1m x 2m. The opening is cut into pieces of about 50 cm x 50 cm, and the waste is disposed of at the customer's request. All reinforcements must be part of the reprogramming project and must be coordinated.

According to the existing norms, the design must include the calculation of metal structures, the fastening scheme and classification of the metal, as well as the list of works in the order of performance of the opening. 

In most cases, the opening is reinforced by fastening metal structures (U-profile beams or angles - angle iron) with fastening parts, with monolithic fastening.

Thanks to the use of diamond drilling, the edges of the hole are perfectly smooth, which greatly simplifies the installation of amplifiers (unlike low-quality work with a hammer).

Aiļu veidošana dzīvoklī

For a standard wall with a thickness of 16 cm, reinforcement is in most cases done with 16 or 18 size U-profile beams. Size 16 U-profile beam - reinforcement flush with the wall. 

Metal plates are left under the vertical guides, the guides themselves are attached to the wall with anchor bolts.

Apartment building work

Installation of standard hole reinforcement with U-profile beams is done in 2-4 hours. 

More complex reinforcements (corners, box profile beams, double row with studs, post-project reinforcement with pre-reinforcement) are performed from 2 working days. 

The metal for the reinforcement is prepared for the appropriate size at the work site.

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